Lisa and Anthony Saginaw Valley State University Wedding

Lisa and Anthony's wedding was just so perfectly imperfect! Two days prior to their big day the church they were suppose to get married in flooded. Now when I first heard about it I was thinking something along the lines of a roof leak or sub-pump malfunction went down. A back up location was found quickly but as myself (Alyssa) and my second Erika drove to the new location it was clear to see everything was literally flooded. The river had overflowed near and around the Bay City area and there were houses and cars under 6in of water or more. We initially could't make it to the new ceremony location because the road was flooded that the GPS wanted to go on and had to call the bride to figure out an alternative route. I thought for sure once we got there the bride would be frantic but she totally kept her cool. The backup location was a tiny church called, St Valentine, although getting ready in a cramped church kitchen wasn't ideal there was nothing but smiles and joy coming from the bride and groom. 

This wedding really goes to show it truly does not matter what happens on your wedding day your attitude sets the tone of how awesome it can really be. Let's be honest 9 times out of 10 something will go wrong whether it be little or pretty big, like having to find a new ceremony location 2 days before, all that matters is that you are about to take on the rest of your life with your forever friend, partner, and lover. As long as you have each other that is all that matters. Embrace the day and the bumps in the road that you overcome will just make it unique and that much more amazing!