Josh and Haley's Dance in the Rain Wedding Day at Hilltop Memory Makers

 I have known Josh since elementary school he's probably one of the most likeable guys you will ever come across his smile can be seen for miles. So when he messaged me telling me he was going to marry Haley and he wanted me to be apart of that I was over the moon excited for them!

I didn't know Haley prior to the wedding day and one of the small correspondences we exchanged was her concern about the time of day the lighting would impact on her ceremony. Which made my photographer heart so happy that she was so aware of wanting to give me the best scenario possible with her photos. Of course I said it doesn't matter whatever lighting or situation their day brought that they should embrace it for all that it was and we would make gorgeous photographs. Little did I know that we were in for an epic treat from mother nature!

Josh and Haley's day was absolutely perfect! The owners were gracious enough to grab a ladder to create this amazing image of Haley's dress and everyone seemed to be glowing and on cloud nine about Haley and Josh becoming husband and wife. The speeches brought me to laughter and tears as they talked about how kind and amazing Haley is. I realized that my childhood friend had truly met his other half and pictured them laughing alongside each other in rocking chairs as they grow old together. 

After the formalities it was time to party and not long after it began to down pour. I figured everyone would hide in the barn but they all kept dancing in the rain. I snagged a few photos of Haley and Josh while everyone kept dancing and then proceeded to take photos of them dancing in the gazebo. Just as we were doing that the wedding guests made their way over to dance with them!! The music went out and they proceeded to keep on dancing and singing! Josh and Haley joined their friends on the open dance floor and danced the night away soak and wet and of course I kept clicking away.

This wedding really went to show that none of the little stuff matters, just enjoy your day however it goes down and focus on your love for each other that is really all you need to make your wedding day amazing!