For those of you that don't know my name it's Alyssa Burgess I am the founder and owner of Miss Lyss Photography and one of the lead shooters. I am madly in love with the mitten state; the trees, lakes, and the beautiful people in it. I am incredibly blessed to have a loving husband, Gydeon and 2 fun loving daughters, Lucille and Cecille. 

Most of the time I would say I am a super spunky kind of lady. I love to make others laugh and throw jokes in whenever I can. I'm super laid back.  My photography on the other hand takes me to a deeper place within myself full of passion although I still like to keep things pretty relaxed during a session. 

My faith is huge to me. I strive to love people the way Christ loves me so just a heads up... I already love you like crazy so I will most likely give you a huge hug when we meet! 

Photo creditJacquelyn Genevieve Photography

Photo creditJacquelyn Genevieve Photography

This isn't just about photos for me it is so much more than that. 

I feel each photo with every fiber of my being. Every click tells a story and captures emotions that will last longer than we can begin to imagine. 

When I was only thirteen, my father passed away from colon cancer at only 29 years old. He was my best friend and literally every single photo I have of him brings me back to who he was. My dad loved everyone, he made them all feel welcomed, and brought laughter and joy into their lives. 

I built this company to honor his memory and I wouldn't be the amazing woman I am today without the precious time I had with him. 

Photo credit Jacquelyn Genevieve Photography

Photo credit Jacquelyn Genevieve Photography

Some Fun Facts

* I watch Say Yes to the dress entirely too much.

*I love Stargate, Walking Dead, Sci Fi movies, old school flicks (ex. MacGyver, Indiana Jones, Star Wars ect.)

* In the future I plan on doing a vow renewal once we have all of our children. 

*There were 200 people at our small backyard wedding.

*In a nut shell crazy way I fulfilled my favorite princess childhood fairy tale with my husband which was Beauty and the Beast. Not that my husband is a beast ha ha I just never thought I would have ended up with him but I'm so happy I did! He is the man of my dreams.