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Black Wedding Dress, Tattoos, and more | Travis and Christina's Wedding | Five Oaks Farm | Cleburne, TX

we arrived at Christina and Travis’s wedding venue, Five Oaks Farm, that is tucked away in the middle of nowhere beautiful Texas to find the groom literally customizing everything about his wedding day from his wife’s shoes to her grandmother’s pink jacket he did it all. The groom’s jacket also had his mother’s wedding dress sewn into the inside of it. They are a fierce power couple as Christina is known for specializing in coloring vibrant hair and Travis makes specialized jackets and hats for artists. So being the creative amazing people that they are their wedding had so many unique things going on.

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Red and Julian's Most Excellent Adventure | Packard Proving Grounds | Shelby Township, Michigan

Red lives, eats, sleeps, and breathes vintage and all the pin up things while Julian would wear red plaid every day of the week if you let him lol. So getting married at the historical Packard Proving Grounds it really showcased their love for history and vehicles and the theme throughout was they wanted guests to feel like they were going on a road trip with them by the décor having a map of where they had gone and suitcases with florals in it

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