Caleb and Jessalyn's Wedding at Birchview Outdoor Wedding and Event Center | Linden, MI

Jessalyn and Caleb's wedding day was absolutely captivating at the Birchview Outdoor Wedding and Event Center. There was a possibility of rain looming over us all day and it made for a perfect day with a gorgeous sky. God was truly smiling upon them. I got there a bit early with my assistant, Lauralyn, and we went exploring for possible locations to take photos of the couple around the venue. It was overwhelming since there was so much to the property including an orchard in the back and stunning trees and fields! So needless to say we knew we were in for a treat.

Jessalyn was trying her best before the ceremony trying not to cry so she wouldn't ruin her makeup. But between the heartwarming first look with her dad and holding hands with her beloved to say a prayer beforehand she couldn't hold back a few tears. The ceremony then began and the clouds literally opened up and Jessalyn walked down the aisle and Caleb saw her for the first time in her stunning dress. The pastor cried with tears of joy throughout the ceremony as he elegantly described what true love meant and what God had in store for them. 

After dinner, cake cutting, a few formal dances it was time to take night photos since there wasn't much of a sunset. To our delight there was literally a few minutes of sunset. I love a bride and groom that's game to run to catch the best and last moments of light. I literally was taking photos of them running as I ran backwards and was surprised I didn't completely biff it ha ha but we made it and it was completely worth it. Congrats again Jessalyn and Caleb may you have so many wonderful happy years of marriage.