Lauren and Jarred's Wedding at Aurora Cellars | Lake Leelanau, MI

Northern Michigan has this special place in my heart so when Lauren from Florida contacted me that she was getting married at Aurora Cellars I couldn't have been more thrilled! Little did I know how amazing the day was going to turn out.

I arrived at this gorgeous venue initially at the wrong wedding ha ha. I didn't realize that there were two different locations for weddings at this beautiful venue. So glad my assistant and I figured out very quickly which spot to go to and it did not disappoint.

They had an adorable house down the road from where the reception and ceremony space for the bride to get ready in. When my assistant and I Laura walked in the bride was glowing. The groom, Jarred,  surprised her with a last minute video he recorded on the day of the wedding. He talked about how much he loved Lauren and was excited to marry her and she began to cry. Lauren and the groom's daughter exchanged letters with each other and it was incredibly touching. 

The skies were clear and Lauren made her way down the aisle grinning ear to ear it was time to marry the love of her life. They exchanged personalized vows about how their lives were forever changed when they came into each other's lives. 

Finally husband and wife the night was full of laughter, tears, heartfelt speeches, and lots of delicious wine and food. We missed most of sunset and were a bit saddened but suddenly in pure Northern Michigan fashion a random beautiful magical fog rolled in and It was the perfect ending to their wedding day.