Laura and EJ's Wedding at Noah's Event Venue, Auburn Hills, MI

I don't know how many times I have past by this new venue on squirrel road in my hometown of Auburn Hills. Noah's event venue did not disappoint!

Laura is one of the most laid back bride's I have come across. Her jewels on her shoes started falling off so she used the hot glue gun to stick them back on without missing a beat, there was rain earlier in the day, and it didn't bother her one bit she was excited and focused to just marry the love of her life. In the other room nearby EJ was enjoying the company of all of his groomsmen. You could hear them laughing and carrying on having a wonderful time playing pool and hanging out. 

EJ and Laura opted for one of my personal favorite newer traditions, a first look.  We had them stand back to back and read their letters to each other to lead up to them turning around. And then with overwhelming anticipation Laura said "Ok I'm going I'm looking now." Both their reactions were priceless! 

The weather ended up working in our favor the ceremony was moved outside and the clouds made for the most perfect light all day! The night ended with running out of vodka so the coordinator Nikki had to make a liquor run, surprise hora dance by their friends even though they aren't Jewish ha ha and a late night, and a late night pizza delivery to keep the party going! Everything just went spectacular what an incredible wedding day congrats again Laura and EJ may you have many more wonderful years of marriage yet to come.