Black Wedding Dress, Tattoos, and more | Travis and Christina's Wedding | Five Oaks Farm | Cleburne, TX

This blog post is long overdue!! This was one of the most unique weddings I had the pleasure of photographing. Jennifer from captured couture and I teamed up and traveled to Texas for this wedding. It was both our first time in Texas full of laughter and steaks for dinner lol.

Any who we arrived at Christina and Travis’s wedding venue, Five Oaks Farm, that is tucked away in the middle of nowhere beautiful Texas to find the groom literally customizing everything about his wedding day from his wife’s shoes to her grandmother’s pink jacket he did it all. The groom’s jacket also had his mother’s wedding dress sewn into the inside of it. They are a fierce power couple as Christina is known for specializing in coloring vibrant hair and Travis makes specialized jackets and hats for artists. So being the creative amazing people that they are their wedding had so many unique things going on.

First off being a black wedding dress and veil for the bride and gahhh she rocked it!! We were dying over this nontraditional gorgeous dress. So we went down the road to a gorgeous state park and took photos of her in it to our hearts content. The groom was dead set on not actually seeing the bride before the wedding but they were game to still take photos before the ceremony.

The ceremony came and there was a beautiful butterfly that landed and posed for the camera. I didn’t know at the time but when Christina’s grandma passed away they released a butterfly in her honor so to have that butterfly there made it that much more special. It was like her grandma was there smiling down at them.

Now husband and wife Christina and Travis made there way to the reception surrounded by friends and family they did their first dances. Once things settled they announced that the favors at their wedding were going to be real tattoos!! Seriously so freaking cool! I definitely considered having my first tattoo be at a wedding but I chickened out and we headed back to the hotel lol. Seriously though leave this post some love guys and enjoy these cool photos from this epically unique wedding!!