Nate and Mariah's Cozy Rainy Day Wedding| Byron, Michigan

Nate and Mariah's wedding was such a wonderful day. I have known Mariah for years and to see her in her wedding dress almost made me cry I was so happy for her! 

It was full of warm and cozy vibes as it was pooring rain the entire day.  Mariah's grandma unfortunately passed away not long before her wedding day but you could feel her presence throughout the entire day. Everyone made their way into the tent in the yard surrounded by twinkling lights and candles. Mariah and Nate grinned ear to ear as they finally tied the knot and the rest of the night was filled with joy, laughter, food, and fun. The rain had brought everyone close together that day. 

Shout out to Milkweed Flora and Bombshell bridal for making Mariah and Nate's day that much more special.