A Real Life Fairy Tale at the Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn

This wedding holds a special place in my heart. Evan and Nicole wear their hearts on their sleeves and have goals and ambitions that they never give up until they achieve them, all the while supporting each other 100%. They were high school sweethearts and they just have always fit perfectly together.

Evan purposed to Nicole as a storm rolled in on the beach of Hawaii.  When they told me their story my romantic heart skipped. This is something straight out of a fairy tale someone needs to make an epic lifetime movie based on them! 

Their wedding was at the Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn on a beautiful 85 degree sunny day with a light breeze. The place took my breath away. It had a rustic vibe with a vintage feel and a gorgeous vineyard and pond in the back. Everything went perfect. They had the grandmas be their flowers girls and after they adorably prepped the aisle for the bride the guests gasped as the bride pulled up in a horse and carriage with her father. Evan was overwhelmed with her beauty and his love for her and began to cry. The rest of the ceremony was full of stories of their love and the reception full of laughter and joy.