Christine and Bill's Wedding | Detroit,MI Wedding | The Roostertail

Christine and Bill well where do I begin? Well it was one of the most wonderful phone calls I have ever received. These two beautiful souls went on and on about what my photographs made them feel like and the kind of artist I am. Umm yeah let’s just say they almost made me cry before I even booked their wedding.

Christine is such a kind and joyful person that never stops smiling! Bill has the most soothing voice my ears have ever heard and when you are around them both they are just this fantastic positive energy that you can’t get enough of! So Detroit being where they had their first date and it being such a big beautiful place it fit them so well to have their special day there!

Their wedding day was full of all the bling which I would expect nothing less from them. The gifts to the groomsmen were Rolexes which legit made them bawl and beautiful gold bridesmaids necklaces for the ladies. So many gifts and kind words were exchanged all morning long. The first look was fantastic as Bill yelled, “Yeah that's my baby!” and clapped with pure joy at the sight of Christine in her dress for the first time.

We spent the rest of the day exploring Belle Isle and taking photos by the fountain and casino then finally headed to The Roostertail for the ceremony and reception and it was so perfect out. Christine’s son walked her down the aisle and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. Bill surprised Christine by singing to her during their vows and sobbing commenced. The groom even got on the drums to play for a bit with the live band. I can’t convey to you more in words how beautiful the day was so check it out below friends the photos don’t lie!