Moore Wedding at the Milestone Barn

I had the absolute honor to photograph Jasper and Felicia's rustic wedding. Most weddings have a song playing when everyone comes down the aisle, but the groom was playing the guitar and singing to his lovely bride as she walked down the aisle in tears of joy! It was one of the most beautiful ceremonies I have seen. Their adorable little boy Oliver came down the aisle in a wagon with a note in a box from his mommy to his daddy saying "I can't wait to kiss you". I don't think there was a dry eye in the place. 

Felicia told me before her wedding that her sister couldn't make it because she is pregnant with twins and she would not be replaced at the wedding she would still be walked down the asile on skype! Nothing was going to stop this sister from being there for her sister's day!  

Alyssa Burgess1 Comment