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Christine and Bill's Wedding | Detroit,MI Wedding | The Roostertail

Christine is such a kind and joyful person that never stops smiling! Bill has the most soothing voice my ears have ever heard and when you are around them both they are just this fantastic positive energy that you can’t get enough of! So Detroit being where they had their first date and it being such a big beautiful place it fit them so well to have their special day there!

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Alecia and Jason's Intimate Wedding | Zeron's Island | Lupton, MI

This is the kind of wedding that Miss Lyss Photography is all about ladies and gents. Adventure is our middle name and a private island wedding was definitely right up our alley! Zeron’s Island in Lupton, MI is a getaway not far away from home and it was so fun taking a boat to get to.

Alecia and Jason had a perfect day for a wedding the sun was out and it wasn’t too hot or cold. The majority of this wedding was DIY by the bride’s wonderful daughters and I was amazed at all the details. The bride even made alterations to her dress and it was just stunning! Alecia was actually Jason’s very first kiss and they have found their way back to each other after all these years it’s so wonderful truly something out of a fairy tale. Jason scooped his bride up after they were pronounced husband and wife and the rest of the wedding day they couldn’t keep their eyes off each other. The day ended with their first dance at the beginning of sunset in front of the cabin and the groom insisting we did more photos at the lookout with the most bright red sunset you have ever seen.

Congrats again Alecia and Jason it was such a honor to be apart of a day so incredibly breath taking!

Caleb and Jessalyn's Wedding at Birchview Outdoor Wedding and Event Center | Linden, MI

essalyn and Caleb's wedding day was absolutely captivating at the Birchview Outdoor Wedding and Event Center. There was a possibility of rain looming over us all day and it made for a perfect day with a gorgeous sky. God was truly smiling upon them. I got there a bit early with my assistant, Lauralyn, and we went exploring for possible locations to take photos of the couple around the venue. It was overwhelming since there was so much to the property including an orchard in the back and stunning trees and fields! So needless to say we knew we were in for a treat.

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Laura and EJ's Wedding at Noah's Event Venue, Auburn Hills, MI

I don't know how many times I have past by this new venue on squirrel road in my hometown of Auburn Hills. Noah's event venue did not disappoint!

Laura is one of the most laid back bride's I have come across. Her jewels on her shoes started falling off so she used the hot glue gun to stick them back on without missing a beat, there was rain earlier in the day, and it didn't bother her one bit she was excited and focused to just marry the love of her life. In the other room nearby EJ was enjoying the company of all of his groomsmen. You could hear them laughing and carrying on having a wonderful time playing pool and hanging out. 

EJ and Laura opted for one of my personal favorite newer traditions, a first look.  We had them stand back to back and read their letters to each other to lead up to them turning around. And then with overwhelming anticipation Laura said "Ok I'm going I'm looking now." Both their reactions were priceless! 

The weather ended up working in our favor the ceremony was moved outside and the clouds made for the most perfect light all day! The night ended with running out of vodka so the coordinator Nikki had to make a liquor run, surprise hora dance by their friends even though they aren't Jewish ha ha and a late night, and a late night pizza delivery to keep the party going! Everything just went spectacular what an incredible wedding day congrats again Laura and EJ may you have many more wonderful years of marriage yet to come. 

Melissa and Justin's Wedding at The Pavilion Rothschild, Wisconsin

Justin and Melissa’s wedding was, hands down, one of the most emotional and beautiful weddings I have yet to photograph. The love they have for one another is so strong, it reflected in every detail of their day, and in every guest holding back tears. Everyone around them could feel the deep joy they bring one another. Each meticulously placed detail reflected their creativity, quirkiness, love, and care for others. Birdie, my second shooter, and I walked in and stood in awe of it all - taking in the entire room with our mouths agape. The bride, herself, was stunning in every way. If she was stressing, she did not show it. Even when something hadn’t gone as planned, like the timeline running behind schedule, she was as cool as a cucumber! Melissa cried, her mom cried, her sister cried, her brother cried, the groom cried, the groom’s entire family cried… HECK! We all cried! Luckily, Birdie and I just had our cameras to hide behind with our ugly crying faces! Haha! The in between moments of the bride and her grandmother were especially precious as they made their way to the car that would take Melissa to the first look and ceremony location.

The most precious moment of all was a private one, which took place in the middle of the forest. Their first look. Justin and Melissa exchanged their letters to one another and read them aloud. It was the most emotional of moments - yet it felt so at ease, like we were just watching them happening in their own world. They discussed what wonderful doting parents they would be together and how harbored they felt with one another. It was full of chills and tears and we were honored to be part of such a pivotal intimate moment. Melissa was crying. Justin was sobbing. Birdie and I are trying to keep it together and stay silent, not breaking sticks, as we rotate around them, hoping not to kill the moment! You see the reoccurring theme here? So many feels were happening and flying around, it was wonderful!

After the ceremony and dinner, we trekked back up to the top of Rib Mountain for epic sunset photos on top of the lookout tower. To our delight… and slight panic there was about 5 minutes of sunset left - and 7 flights of stairs to go! I sprinted ahead to get my settings ready. We had to shove the entire crowd admiring the sunset, to the corner, as they oohed and awed over Melissa’s dress and their twirling skills. REWIND! Mind you, earlier in the day Melissa had voiced concern and anxiety over using the lookout tower, so we decided against it. And much to our delight, Melissa said “Let’s do it!” when the time came. She was so brave climbing those stairs, twirling on the tower, just clinging onto Justin! The bride overcame such an angst to capture these photos with her new husband. So proud of you girl! All the while, Birdie is arguing with a park ranger who is threatening to tow her vehicle, because we didn’t have time to park in a proper spot, just so we can capture these last 5 minutes of soft beautiful sunlight that had already passed the horizon. She was yelling from the tower above, as he stood there at the bottom, timing us, tapping his toes. All of our other gear was in there, our phones, and that was our only transportation to get the bride and groom back to the reception! All of the odds were stacked against us and we had to be so quick, trying not to panic because we didn’t want the bride to panic!

It just goes to show that things can go unplanned or run way behind schedule. You can have guests sitting waiting for a late ceremony. You can have guests waiting at dinner for you, because what mattered were those memories you two had built together that day, just the two of you. They stayed chill and trusted us to do our jobs and it turned out to be such a perfectly imperfect day just the way we like them at Miss Lyss Photography! Congrats Justin and Melissa! We loved working with you two beautiful souls so much!

Nate and Mariah's Cozy Rainy Day Wedding| Byron, Michigan

Nate and Mariah's wedding was such a wonderful day. I have known Mariah for years and to see her in her wedding dress almost made me cry I was so happy for her! 

It was full of warm and cozy vibes as it was pooring rain the entire day.  Mariah's grandma unfortunately passed away not long before her wedding day but you could feel her presence throughout the entire day. Everyone made their way into the tent in the yard surrounded by twinkling lights and candles. Mariah and Nate grinned ear to ear as they finally tied the knot and the rest of the night was filled with joy, laughter, food, and fun. The rain had brought everyone close together that day. 

Shout out to Milkweed Flora and Bombshell bridal for making Mariah and Nate's day that much more special. 

"Have your Cake and Eat it too." Gabrielle and John's two Part Mackinac Island and Port Huron Wedding

So many couple's have this dilemma do you have a small intimate wedding with close family and friends or do you have a huge wedding and reception with more people? What if we told you that you could do both Have your cake and eat and too? Well John and Gabrielle did both one weekend they had their ceremony on Mackinac Island with close family and friends and then the weekend immediately following had a big reception in  Port Huron with all their friends and family. It was one of the most stress free magical weddings we had the pleasure of being apart of.  Join us February 12th at 7:30pm for a Facebook live interview and Q&A with the couple to chat about the pros and cons of having your wedding day set up like this. 

Part 1 Mackinac Island:

It was a perfect sunny day we arrived at the Historic Mission Church to a bride and groom beaming with joy. When the bride walked into the sanctuary there wasn't a dry eye in the room the room. The entire ceremony with filled with laughter and tears.  After I do's were said a horse and buggy waited outside and the two walked out of the church with their friends and family cheering to wave them good bye. It was a true send off one that every bride dreams of.

As most of you know or may not know  Mackinac Island does not allow cars so most get around on horse and buggy or bicycle so it was in true fashion that we were doing to ride around in the horse and buggy to get to go to some amazing spots to take photos. When we rode downtown everyone cheered and congratulated Gabrielle and John it felt like being in our own personal parade. The bride felt like a true princess. The views were spectacular and there was no stress of a specific timeline except when pictures ended and we met up with their family and bridal party to take a few formal pics. We left and Gabrielle and John began their week long honeymoon in northern Michigan. 

Part 2 Port Huron Reception

The weekend following their ceremony Gabrielle and John read their reread their vows to each other in front of the rest of their friends and family in a tent next to a beautiful lighthouse. There was yet again not a dry eye in the whole place. We all went up to take photos in the lighthouse all while the bride tried not to trip on her dress but it well worth it the view was out of this world and there was blue lake to see for miles. The night ended with heartfelt toasts and dancing the rest of the night away not a care in the world. 

Amy and Cody's Intimate Wedding at Mission Table | Traverse City, MI

Northern Michigan has a special place in my heart and as I made the drive up to Mission Table to shoot Amy and Cody's wedding the drive was along the beach the entire way from my hotel and it took my breath away. I sat in the car in almost tears before I walked in it truly sunk in how blessed I am to have such an incredible job. Amy and Cody entrusted me to capture one of the most important days of their lives and I imagined all of the beautiful photos I was going to capture that I hope they would treasure forever. 

Amy was a bit nervous as most brides are on their wedding day, and insisted she had to hold her groom's hand before the wedding to calm her nerves and her and Cody's hands touched Amy began to cry. All of their hard work planning this wedding had come together, and it was time for her to walk down the aisle. Everyone was in tears as she walked down this was it the moment every bride and groom dream of. It was incredible to witness how much they loved each.

Afterwards a beautiful candlelit dinner followed with some amazing food and toasts. We then all made our way to this beautiful house Amy and Cody rented for everyone to hang out and dance in. I may have gotten lost trying to find it but when I finally did it did not disappoint.

It was decorated adorable and cozy with tons of candles and Amy and Cody did their first dance surrounded by friends and family with sparklers lit. Amy and her brother danced together since her dad has passed and I began to cry trying not to sob it was such a powerful  moment. After the dances everyone did a shot in Amy's dad's honor they had carried the latern with his photo on it throughout the day. It was such a beautiful way to incorporate his memory.  

Amy and Cody thank you for choosing us and we wish you many happy years to come! 

Josh and Haley's Dance in the Rain Wedding Day at Hilltop Memory Makers

 I have known Josh since elementary school he's probably one of the most likeable guys you will ever come across his smile can be seen for miles. So when he messaged me telling me he was going to marry Haley and he wanted me to be apart of that I was over the moon excited for them!

I didn't know Haley prior to the wedding day and one of the small correspondences we exchanged was her concern about the time of day the lighting would impact on her ceremony. Which made my photographer heart so happy that she was so aware of wanting to give me the best scenario possible with her photos. Of course I said it doesn't matter whatever lighting or situation their day brought that they should embrace it for all that it was and we would make gorgeous photographs. Little did I know that we were in for an epic treat from mother nature!

Josh and Haley's day was absolutely perfect! The owners were gracious enough to grab a ladder to create this amazing image of Haley's dress and everyone seemed to be glowing and on cloud nine about Haley and Josh becoming husband and wife. The speeches brought me to laughter and tears as they talked about how kind and amazing Haley is. I realized that my childhood friend had truly met his other half and pictured them laughing alongside each other in rocking chairs as they grow old together. 

After the formalities it was time to party and not long after it began to down pour. I figured everyone would hide in the barn but they all kept dancing in the rain. I snagged a few photos of Haley and Josh while everyone kept dancing and then proceeded to take photos of them dancing in the gazebo. Just as we were doing that the wedding guests made their way over to dance with them!! The music went out and they proceeded to keep on dancing and singing! Josh and Haley joined their friends on the open dance floor and danced the night away soak and wet and of course I kept clicking away.

This wedding really went to show that none of the little stuff matters, just enjoy your day however it goes down and focus on your love for each other that is really all you need to make your wedding day amazing!