Red and Julian's Most Excellent Adventure | Packard Proving Grounds | Shelby Township, Michigan

Taelor and Julian are one of the coolest most kindest couple you will ever come across. Taelor also goes by the nickname Red for obvious reasons. They met through their love of vehicles and are members of a low riding truck club called No Regrets that travels across the country. In true No Regrets fashion they are one big family and of course the members of the group came from all parts of the country to see these two get married. 

How they met…

My husband and I met in Canada at a car show called Vanfest. It was about a year before we started dating. He had come from Detroit to debut his truck he had been building for 4 years. I was visiting my best friend it was my first trip to Canada. I noticed him as soon as he pulled his truck into the campground and immediately started asking who he was. We spent the entire weekend walking the park and talking. A year later he invited me to come visit him in Detroit we took a roadtrip to nashville a week later and i knew he was the one. There wasn't a second of awkward silence the entire drive it was unforgettable. Two years later we had planned a weekend at Mackinaw Island with a good of ours Shelby Gould. She had come all the way from Austin,TX to visit. We wanted to show her something she couldnt see anywhere else. We had gotten up early packed up our bikes and made the 5 hour drive north. It was a beautiful day sunny and blue skies. The island runs without vehicles of any kind its a surreal place quiet and beautiful  full of people riding bikes. We spent the day riding around the 8 mile around island ,if you've never been or heard of it, id highly recommend going. The first time Julian and i went i fell head over heels for the place. Shelby took pictures of us the entire time but i thought nothing of it as that is her passion and she loves to share her adventures on her blog. We came around the side of the island with the view of the mackinaw bridge. We stopped to take a picture and i walked down to put my hand in the water. The water along the island end is almost like a tropical island with its rock shoreline. As i turned to get up i saw Shelby  about 20 feet away squatted down with her camera . Once i turned all the way around Julian was on one knee behind me holding the most spectacular vintage ring. I don't even think he spoke i immediately started crying and nodding my head. He had been planning this since Christmas. He had arranged to fly Shelby out for the weekend  and she had made it seem like she her and i had planned the whole thing. The ring is an original 1930s engagement ring that i couldnt have picked out better myself It was even sized correctly. The entire weekend was captured by one of our best friends and it couldnt have been more perfect.

Red lives, eats, sleeps, and breathes vintage and all the pin up things while Julian would wear red plaid every day of the week if you let him lol. So getting married at the historical Packard Proving Grounds it really showcased their love for history and vehicles and the theme throughout was they wanted guests to feel like they were going on a road trip with them by the décor having a map of where they had gone and suitcases with florals in it (shout out to the incredible Milkweed Flora for those) . They brought their own vintage vehicles to the wedding that we photographed with the groomsmen and then for the night shots later on. 

Red is a spicy and fun kind of lady that wanted photos of her eating cheeseburgers before and after her ceremony ha ha she tried to feed me one even! The ceremony was filled with tears and laughter and ended with personal vows and the most beautiful line by the groom said to his bride "I can't wait to grow old and gray with you all the while you stay Red." Everything about this wedding was heartwarming, genuine, and beautiful it was an absolute honor to be apart of!