3 Reasons to get a Boudoir Session Done

clarkston boudoir photographer

1.) There's wine, chocolate, and a good time! 

Who doesn't love wine and chocolate ladies! Not to mention every session is jammed packed full of adventure whether it's at the 8th floor of our private studio, an abandoned bank safe, or anything else you're game for it is a blast! 

2.) It's one of the most empowering experiences.

As woman we may be told our whole lives to cover up. Or we have so many insecurities, myself included. Well when you do a boudoir session you're exposed on the most intimate and beautiful level. You don't have to be ashamed any more of the skin your in but embrace every inch of the bod God gave you!  Before I had gotten my boudoir photos done for the first time I was so critical of my body image and having them done was a life changing experience. Now I love my body and myself on a whole different level than I had before. 

3.)Your significant other or yourself will thank you! 

Who needs super models to look at when you've got all the goods when you are smoking hott so let us show you! 

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