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Terrible Weather and My Ugly Garage

It was literally the worst possible weather short of a hurricane last Thursday it was cold,windy, and there was this awkward rain/snow mix coming down. I debated all day whether or not to cancel but we all decided to brave the crap weather and make the best of it. My husband must have thought I was nut because I told him that I was going to shoot in the garage and then just right by our house. Amy and Cody arrived to find a poor bird with broken wing in my garage taking shelter from the outside. All signs kept pointing to quit but I am so glad we did not. It was one of those sessions that went perfectly imperfect. Amy kept moving her hair out of her face and I said oh no that is awesome keep it in your face. All of us were shivering but we made it work and they turned out to be some amazing photos! I cannot wait for their wedding in Traverse City this September and all the incredible images and memories that don't include terrible weather and my ugly garage.