The Prism

Hey everyone! So you all asked and I am delivering the 411 on how I get some really kick butt prism shots! Well, first off, I get them from amazon and ebay. I recently acquired a longer one which makes it easier to keep my fingers from reflecting onto it. The last set I ordered was from this link. and I prefer the longest one in that set to use.


Personally, I prefer prime lenses to create my desired effect. However, I have rarely used my 24-70mm to capture some cool reflections. The first two images below are made with a 24-70mm and the other two are with my 85mm. The true secret is to keep practicing and playing with it until you get the effect you want and prisms don't work for every scenario so don't be discouraged! 


Here are some behind the scenes footage enjoy!


Alyssa BurgessComment