My Best Friends are having a Baby!

I have known Mandy since we were about 5 years old, we have gone to church together since then and even got baptized together. She is literally one of the most kind hearted fun loving amazing woman of God I have ever known. Her husband Bruce is pretty much the dude version of her with a fun adventurous wild side, and I have known him since my freshman year of college. Bruce is the kind of dude that would want to hang out with a big group of people at 1 in the morning and we would all completely be on board to go, because we all knew that we would have an unforgettable night full of random mischief. So when these two finally decided to get married I couldn't have been more pumped to have two of my besties become a forever team of awesome!   Mandy pretty much wanted to have babies as soon as possible. So when they started to officially start trying to have a baby Mandy and I started plotting all the pinterest ways we could to announce her pregnancy. Months and months past though and there were countless phone calls and hugs exchanged with Mandy to keep her head up and reassure her that this would all happen in God's perfect timing. Then she got pregnant and we all proceeded to have an ultimate happy freak out!! Now she is due any day and I cannot wait to see their adorable baby boy. Congrats again you guys!