Mr. and Mrs. Grace

These two are a couple of my best friends and it was more than a pleasure to finally photograph them together for their one year anniversary :D. I have know Mandy since we were little she and I got baptized together so she is my for real sister in Christ. Bruce I have known for about 4 years almost he was just this awesome ball of energy that came out of nowhere my first year of college. He made my college days very memorable and full of fun adventures that I will never forget. These two amazing people fell in love over all the things that stood against them and got married a year ago. I was devastated that I couldn't go to their wedding because I was in Idaho and about 8 months pregnant. It was all good though because I just relived it through their wedding video and now a year later have the honor to photograph that they are just as in love as the day they met and I'm sure this wont be my last shoot with them there will be many more years to come. Congrats you guys love you more than you know!