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The Dynamics of Couple's Posing Workshop

Ok so if you haven't heard Jennifer from Captured Couture and I are teaching a pretty amazing workshop for photographers!! You're reading this thinking well Alyssa why is this workshop so amazing? What makes it so freaking special? Well reader glad you asked!! 

My first few years in the photography business there was so much information I needed to absorb to be successful. Many workshops were stylized with all the bells and whistles and not just the straight up info I would have like to have or contained a ton of general info about a lot of different topics.


You know what would have been nice? To have a workshop solely based on couple's posing sheeshhhh! Not just with couples that are photogenic, aesthetically pleasuring, or they have what society would deem the “ideal body types" but learning to adapt to all body types. Spoiler alert! Every couple and body type is different and if you don't know how to adjust accordingly you will not have happy clients and feel creatively limited to one type of couple


So this workshop is going to go over all the goods. Jennifer and I have years of experience  specializing in weddings/couple's photography and we are bringing some killer info to the table on how to rock out your couple's posing. 

Here's an Outline of only a few things we will be covering Specifically

1.) Tips on how to create the most flattering angles based on body types and heights. 

2.) How Lens distortion effects posing. 

3.) How to create a variety of poses in a limited time frame.

4.) Hands on examples and practice


So if you want some amazing information on couple's posing then March 10th in downtown Pontiac join us! Contact Jennifer at capturedcouturellc@gmail.com to get more info on how to snag your seat! Can't wait to see you there we are here to help you take your couple's posing to the next level. 




Jessalyn and Caleb Adventure Engagement Session

When Caleb contacted me about getting engagement photos done before he even proposed I knew that we had to do something over the top amazing since he was already so excited to make sure his fiance and himself had the best photos possible. They met through The River church in Holly and their love had grown into such a beautiful thing. With each photo you could tell that they adored each other and I am sure God has an amazing life ahead of them. 

Christina and Travis Intimate Beach Engagement Session at Holly Recreation Area

It is an interesting story how this all came to be. One of my second shooters Jennifer spotted this couple at a wedding we were shooting together and since I was in the zone I said yeah sure go ahead and ask to photograph them sometime. Little did I know just how gorgeous and amazing this couple was!!! Christina and Travis ended up getting engaged a few weeks ago in Mexico. Travis swept her off her feet and caught her completely by surprise!

It was a very laid back session that was in perfect weather. The sunset was to die for so we had to get Christina in the water because she is truly a real life mermaid! She has an entire sleeve with the Little Mermaid on it. I have been dying to get a pretty lady in the water so it was a dream come true!! 

Thank you Jenifer for inviting to tag along and shoot such a beautiful couple.