Hey I'm Jacquelyn!

Aside from work the rest of my time is spent with my family, crafting, or working on hundreds of projects around the house. I love to build things from end tables to closet doors, anything that will save me a few dollars, just call me Tim the Tool Man, Binford tools should sponsor me...I have turned into quite the home body after having my awesome, loving, energetic kids. Tacos, nachos, guac..basically anything with meat, cheese, and chips are my all time favorite food and I am not kidding when I say I can eat it every day. Chili cheese fries anyone? I love to plan parties...event/wedding planner would totally be my jam but photography has my heart. I love to snowboard but ever since I went to Colorado it can never compare to the "mountains" here in Michigan. We love to collect records, music is always on full blast in the house. Most important I love people! On your wedding day you'll find me chatting away with your guests and family. My goal is to blend in as "one of your own" to help get the true raw candid shots! Can't wait to meet you!